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Fatty Acids Linked To Problems With Dental Care

May 3 2016 , Written by Amy

Fatty acids frоm bacteria present іn gum disease mау саuѕе Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS)-related lesions аnd tumors іn thе mouth. Thе information соmеѕ frоm а study bу Case Western Reserve University. Thе researchers analyzed hоw byproducts іn thе form оf fatty...

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CD review MEGADETH "Dystopia"

January 9 2016 , Written by Markus W. Published on #Megadeth, #Speed Metal, #Thrash Metal, #Heavy Metal, #News, #CD Review, #Dave Mustaine

(8/10) A new Megadeth album is always a moment in time that creates some excitement. But in the past it also created sometimes some disappointment since the expectations have been bigger than the actual result. My most appreciated Megadeth albums are...

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CD review ETERNAL (OF SWEDEN) "Heaven's Gate"

January 9 2016 , Written by Markus W. Published on #Eternal (Of Sweden), #Melodic Metal, #Power Metal, #Heavy Metal, #Hardrock, #News, #CD Review

(7/10) Eternal (Of Sweden) is a Swedish melodic metal band that released its debut in 2012. "Heaven's Gate" is the second studio album of this five-piece from Dalarnas, a disc that includes ten new tracks. The first things that stands out is the pretty...

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